Here are some write ups from Fuse Washington on the 2015 initiative and referendum efforts to qualify for the ballot.  We will keep you posted on local Spokane efforts as well.

As we head into this holiday weekend, you can bet initiative supporters will be out in force with clipboards in hand, looking for your signature. We put together this simple guide to the major ballot measures that are collecting signatures this summer to help you separate the winners from the duds.

We hope these handy recommendations will help you make informed choices about which initiatives to support. When you’ve read them through, please forward this email to a friend or share it from the Progressive Voters Guide!

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Here is their overview of those efforts to qualify for the ballot including another Time Eyman initiate.  More details information can be found at the  Progressive Voters Guide


Decline to Sign Initiative-1366

Tim Eyman. Need we say more? The conservative initiative promoter is back with a new number for his same old bad ideas: I-1366.

Two years ago, the state Supreme Court overturned Eyman’s previous initiative that required a two-thirds supermajority vote to close any tax loopholes or raise revenue. I-1366 is Eyman’s attempt to circumvent the Supreme Court by turning his two-thirds supermajority requirement into an amendment to our state Constitution.

Even worse: 1366 is basically a replica of last year’s failed attempt by Eyman, which was called “blackmail” (Spokesman Review) “extortion” (Walla Walla Union Bulletin) and “disingenuous” (Everett Herald). This measure would force legislators to either put a constitutional amendment on the ballot OR lose $1 billion per year for education by cutting the sales tax by 1 percent. It’s almost hard to believe, but then again, this is Eyman.

Don’t fall for Eyman’s latest stunt. Decline to sign I-1366.

Sign Initiative-735

Corporations are not people. Money is not speech. These are two truths that a huge majority of the public agrees upon, and yet the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the opposite when it made Citizens United the law of the land.

That’s why you should enthusiastically sign WAmend, Initiative-735. WAmend is an initiative to put our state on the record calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution clarifying that corporations are not people, money is not speech, and political donations should be disclosed.

Citizens United has allowed an oversized influence of greedy corporations and the 1% in our politics.

Enthusiastically sign I-735.

Sign Initiative-1401

Animals are disappearing from our planet at an alarming rate. From the Golden Toad to the Javan Tiger, humankind has contributed to the extinction of hundreds of animals.

Initiative-1401 would make selling, purchasing, trading, or distributing animals threatened with extinction punishable by law in Washington. Such an action, except for a few certain types of transfers, would face a gross misdemeanor or class-C felony charge.

That means our last remaining elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards, pangolins, marine turtles, sharks, and rays will at least be somewhat protected from the illegal animal trade here in our home state.

Sign Initiative-1401 to save animals facing extinction.

Seattle Only: Sign Initiative-122

Every election year, the corrosive impacts of big money in politics become more clear—the wealthy donor class spends thousands while regular people are left behind.

Honest Elections Seattle: Initiative-122 is a ballot measure Fuse is working on with our partners to require new lobbying, disclosure and enforcement measures in the city, as well as an innovative public financing system to balance the scales of our democracy.

We’re leading the nation against Citizens United, and we need you to sign the petition to put Honest Elections Seattle: Initiative-122 on the ballot.


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