2015 April

Spokane County Proposition 1 for Juvenile Detention Services:  This prop will renew the 0.1 percent sales tax to finance juvenile detention services.  Voters adopted the tax in 1995 and have renewed it four times since. Each time the measure has gotten at least 60 percent of the vote.  The $8.5 million raised annually is used for essential services to fund programs juvenile detention and related social work.

Spokane Transit Service Area Proposition 1 Buses:  The passage of Proposition 1 will fund existing and new bus services with a new sales tax of 3/10 of 1%. Prop 1 will preserve all existing bus services and increase new services by 25% all over the County. It will not affect gas or most food prices. 

2013 March

Prop 1: Vote “Yes” for Independent Investigations of Spokane Police Misconduct: Prop 1 would mandate in the City of Spokane that there will be independent investigations of police misconduct, and it would give average citizens a voice by creating a citizen oversight committee.

Prop 2: Vote “No” on making Spokane City Council Decisions less Democratic: Prop 2 in Spokane would require that a 5/7 majority on the Spokane City Council vote in favor of any ordinance to raise or lower revenue. Proposition 2 is poorly written and undemocratic.  As few as two seated members of the Spokane City Council could hold up important work by the Spokane.

Prop 3: Vote “Yes” to Keep Spokane Libraries Open: Prop 3 in Spokane will provide the new revenue to keep the Hillard and East Central library branches open and operating 40 hours a week.


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