Prop 2: Vote “No” on Making Spokane City Council Decisions Less Democratic

Proposition 2 in Spokane to require a 5/7 majority is undemocratic and a poorly written.  It leaves dozens of questions unanswered.

There are too many unanswered questions about what fee and taxes would be affect and which would not be.  Some taxes would be exempt from Prop 2.  Some fees are not exempt.  The business registration fee would be fall under this charter change.  We don’t what other taxes that are not included.  Attorneys in the City of Spokane’s Legal Department cannot even answer all these questions.

As few as two people on the City Council could derail sources of funding for our fire police departments, libraries, and parks.  Rule by the minority is what Thomas Jefferson called the tyranny of the minority.  It is not democratic.

No one can name a single instance in the last ten years how we have raised taxes at all by less than a majority of citizens.  Something so confusing and undemocratic should not be in our City’s Constitution

(Update: Mayor David Condon is criticized for role in the Yes on Prop 2 campaign).


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