Via an email I received from him, this is Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder’s opinion about Spokane County Proposition 1 to fund juvenile justice programs on the April 2015 ballot.  –Bryan

Some have asked me; what about the other ballot measure, the one to fund juvenile justice? My take is that it’s a good measure and you should support it. My friends over at the Center for Justice have told me that the juvenile justice programs it funds are making a real impact. So my advice is vote yes twice. Yes for buses and yes for juvenile justice.


But don’t just listen to me read Ted McGregor great editorial in this week’s Inlander:
Ballots are due tomorrow, Tuesday April 28, by 8pm. Drop them off free and any City of County library.


Jon Snyder
twitter: @jonbsnyder
PO Box 559
Spokane WA 99210


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