Is Multiple Domains Pointing to Single Website Good for SEO?

Is Multiple Domains Pointing to Single Website Good for SEO?

Will redirecting other domains to a primary one be a good idea for SEO? Here's what you need to know before you make that decision.

Correct Domain Forwarding for SEO

In our last video, we talked about whether forwarding domains to your main branded domain will help you with SEO. In this video, we talk about the right way to forward your surplus domains to your main domain.

Domain masking is a component of domain forwarding. Where straight-up forwarding displays the branded address of the destination site in the address bar, forwarding with domain masking on keeps the typed domain name in the address bar.

For example: Let’s say your branded domain name is, and you have two domains you want to forward to this URL: and

If you forward these two additional domains without masking, they would resolve to the destination domain,

With domain masking on, they would show the content from the destination website, but the address bar will still show and, respectively.

Domain masking is not a good idea, because if you are building links with those extra domains, or sharing those URLs online, they will eventually be crawled by Google. Then Google will see these additional websites that are an exact clone of your destination website.

This will create brand confusion for your customers, but also Google will index the extra sites, and now the search engine has a decision to make. Which site should they rank the highest for a search query?

When you have duplicate content, it’s likely that neither site will rank as high as it could. Yes, you can use canonical tags to tell Google which site is the original, and site to rank highest, but for most of you, this is a can of worms it is best not to open in the first place.

What’s easiest, and best for your SEO is to have any additional domains that you are forwarding, RESOLVE to the original branded domain name.

Having multiple versions of your site is a headache that it’s best to avoid.

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Two domains, same keywords, same hosting, will Google penalize us?

Answering a viewer question, “We have two domains competing for the same keywords, and they are on the same hosting pan. Will Google penalize us for duplicate content, or for having two similar domains on the same hosting plan?”

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Does Having Multiple Domains Help SEO? | SEO Tips

In today’s Daily SEO Tips video, I’m going to discuss if having multiple domains will help your SEO.

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Have you ever thought about buying multiple domains to help with your SEO? If you have, make sure to watch this video before you buy the next domain now. Welcome to Casey’s SEO. So, if you’ve been thinking about buying another domain to help with your SEO, I want to let you guys know that it’s probably not going to help the way you think it should. Now, we can look at these two different ways.

So, are you buying a domain that is very similar to yours just to have it now? If you are, then in this case, it’s not going to help your SEO, and the reason why is because there is no domain authority associated with that domain. Now, if you’re buying an expired domain, then you will have some domain authority with that domain. But make sure that you don’t buy a spammy domain just due to domain authority. This will only hurt your main site in the long run.

If you are trying to buy expired domains, there are some things that you need to look out for. First, do your research on that domain. Take that domain. Put it into a piece of SEO software. This could be SEMrush, for example, and it will pull up what backed links that domain has.

And if you see any red flags, you might just want to stay away from that domain, so it won’t cause any issues with your main site. You also want to find a domain that is very similar to your niche. So, if your business is SEO, I would recommend trying to find an expired domain, potentially from an old SEO company that no longer exists. Then you will have some domain authority from the expired domain, which will get passed onto your domain and should bring new traffic. As long as people are still searching for that old domain.

You don’t want to go out and find expired domains on auto repair. If your business is SEO, they just don’t match, and any potential traffic from the expired domain is not essentially going to carry over, and you won’t get any new traffic from that site. If you did find an expired domain that you want to buy and redirect to your main site, just make sure you did your homework. This way, you’ll get the most benefit from that expired domain over to your main site. So, if you guys have any questions or comments, please let me know.

And remember, hit that like and subscribe button for more SEO tips.

Squarespace Are Multiple Domains Pointing to Single Website Good for SEO?

Is this a trick that’s helping, or hurting your SEO? Does it do anything at all?

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