Is Link Spam From Our Old Hacked Website Impacting Our New One?

Is Link Spam From Our Old Hacked Website Impacting Our New One?

Are you worried about the implications of link spam from your old site? Here are some ways to go about it, as advised by Adam Riemer.

How bank account takeover scams work and can happen at any bank

Victims of bank account takeover scams express how terrifying it was to wake up and see $5,000 stolen from their checking account.

How To Recover From Google Voice Scam

If you are looking to sell anything online, you should be aware of the Google Voice scam. Scammers are posing as interested buyers on online marketplaces and are trying to steal your personal information to create a fake Google Voice account in your name.

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) is also receiving reports from victims who claim to not have a Google Voice account. In this scenario, scammers set up a Google Voice account and link it to the phone number of the person they call so they can create a fake post selling the same items as a legitimate seller.

• To completely avoid a Google Voice verification scam, only do business in-person with verified funds.

• Take your time while selling items online. If someone asks you to share a Google verification code with them, don’t do it.

• If you fall victim to a Google Voice scam, you should reclaim your number.

• For more information on the Google Voice verification scam, or if you believe you are a victim, contact the ITRC at no cost by phone (888.400.5530) or live-chat on the company website

How to remove Spam Links from Website (2022)

Security Experts show you how to remove spam links & spam backlinks in your WordPress website. MalCare Instant Cleanup – , Fix any other hack –

1) Manual Cleanup –
2) 16 WordPress Vulnerabilities ( & Fixes) –
3) Post cleanup steps (hack prevention) –

How to confirm if you have Spam Link Injection:

1) Google your website: A hacked website will often show gibberish in the meta description, or you will see unrelated pages that you have not created show up on the search results.

2) Blacklisted by Google: On clicking the search result, you might see a Google blacklist warning. This is when Google has detected your website has been hacked, although it won’t clarify what type of hack has occurred.

3) Use an incognito browser to visit your site: If you see pop ups, spam links or new web pages on your website, you know you’ve been hacked.

4) Check your website code for anomalies: Navigate to a post or page, and use Inspect Element on your browser. In the header section, there may be code that contains links, either in cleartext or obfuscated. You may see spam URLs clearly legible.

5) Check Google Analytics for malicious keywords: Your traffic should be coming in from relevant keywords. If you see that you’re getting traffic for keywords like “buy viagra online”, or “cheap gucci bags”, or spammy keywords, you can be sure your website has been hacked.

The quickest & most reliable way to remove spam links, spam seo hack & spam link injection is to use MalCare’s One-Click Cleanup (

00:00 – What is a Spam Link Hack in WordPress
00:43 – What is a Spam Link Injection in WordPress
01:17 – How do I check if my website has a spam link injection hack
02:05 – WordFence vs Sucuri vs Ithemes vs MalCare
02:27 – How do I remove the spam link injection in WordPress
02:54 – Remove Spam Links with Security Plugin
03:22 – Remove Spam Links manually
04:24 – How to prevent WordPress spam link injection hack
05:25 – Conclusion

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This is how Hackers can *OWN YOU* with just a link!

This is how hackers can hack you by just making you click on a link! That’s right, not even kidding.
Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) is a tool used by ethical hackers and red teamers to perform security auditing. Browsers can be hooked to the BeEF control panel by embedding the “hook.js” file.
Once hooked, different modules can be executed on the hooked browser like social engineering, network enumeration, etc.

DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes only. It is only meant to teach cyber security to the aspirants, and how to protect yourself from hackers. Do not use the tool shown in this video with ill intent. Only use it on yourself if you want to give it a try and get your hands dirty.

Read my blog post for a more technical explanation about BeEF and Man In The Middle Attacks:

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